NeedleGuard® has been shown to reduce setup time per procedure by 44%.1
This increase in procedure efficiency using NeedleGuard® led to 30.4% more schedulable procedures per day.1
NeedleGuard® also completely eliminated all needle stick incidents.2
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*Data based on study conducted at Rolling Oaks Radiology, 2019-2021. Needleguard was introduced in the lab in 2020.

1 Reduction in setup time from 15.9 minutes to 8.9 minutes. Prior to implementation of Needleguard®, typical procedure setup required a non-sterile employee to hold vials for withdrawal of medication and a sterile employee to carry out the procedure. Very frequently, delays occurred during procedures due to inability to reliably obtain the assistance of a non-sterile employee. After implementation of NeedleGuard®, significant increases in efficiency and cost savings were observed due to the clinic no longer requiring two employees per procedure, ultimately allowing the clinic's maximum daily procedure capacity to increase from 14 to 18 (based on pre-NeedleGuard® average procedure time allotment of 30 minutes vs. average procedure time with NeedleGuard® requiring only 23 minutes).

2 Procedures performed with NeedleGuard® no longer required staff to manually hold medication for withdrawal. As such, all medication withdrawals were performed with syringes aimed toward NeedleGuard® rather than toward oneself or toward another employee, reducing needle stick events to zero. Anecdotally, staff also reported breaking or dropping far fewer vials of medication while NeedleGuard® was in use - an additional safety benefit.

Patent US8302640B2
Other Patents Pending